MSHA: Report Issued for Fatality on 11/11/2022


  • Posted on Jun 28, 2022

MINE FATALITY – On January 11, 2022, a 32 year-old miner died while driving on a mine road when a tree fell from a highwall onto the cab of his pickup truck.

Best Practices

  • Examine highwalls frequently and from as many perspectives as possible (bottom, sides, and top/crest).  Look for signs of instability such as cracks, sloughing, loose ground, and for fall of material hazards such as large trees and rocks.
  • Train all miners to recognize hazardous highwall conditions.
  • Conduct additional examinations as conditions warrant, especially during periods of changing weather conditions.
  • Clear loose or potentially hazardous material from near the edge of highwalls and slopes, especially when persons will work or travel below.
  • Develop and follow a ground control plan that addresses all potential hazards.

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