May Chapter Regulatory Update


  • Posted on May 15, 2019

At the Eastern PA Chapter ISEE May Meeting, Regulatory Committee Chair, John Benedict discussed the ATF Rulemaking 27 CFR 555.220 and the quarantine order for the spotted lanternfly. Below are additional details about both topics and attached are several resources for your reference.

Debra S. Satkowiak, President, IME, stated in an email to members, “As previously announced to members, IME requested a determination (see attached) from ATF seeking concurrence with our issued guidelines that identify acceptors under 555.220. ATF has provided the attached written response which affirms our position, stating, “ATF has historically held, and continues to hold, that solid ammonium nitrate (in any form) and unsensitized ammonium nitrate emulsions and watergels are ammonium nitrate acceptors subject to the requirements in the table at § 555.220. However, ammonium nitrate solutions containing 93 percent or less ammonium nitrate are not acceptors under the table at § 555.220.” You will note that ATF’s response letter was provided to all Directors of Industry Operations in each of the field divisions.”

ATF determination 555_220 April2019
2019-818253 IME 4-29-19

Also, last year the Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture issued a Quarantine Order for the Spotted Lanternfly. Now local authorities during roadside inspections, are to check vehicles for the required company permits to verify they have given employees proper instructions. Attached are copies of important resources as well as a checklist and contact information provided by PSU.


SLF Checklist 11-12-2014 (1)