ISEE Emerging Professionals


  • Posted on Aug 3, 2018

ISEE Emerging Professionals Q&A
with Tristan Worsey, ISEE Emerging Professionals Section Chair

What is all this Emerging Professionals talk?
The Emerging Professionals section is a new section of ISEE that was born from the Young Leaders ad-hoc committee. The Emerging Professionals section became official January 1st, 2017 and is open to all. The objective of the section is to grow new industry professionals’ involvement in the society by engaging, retaining, and mentoring new members through providing professional networking opportunities and guidance.

Who can be a member of the Emerging Professionals section?…Everyone!!!
There is no restriction on who can be a member of the Emerging Professionals section. All one has to do to become a section member is pay $15 when renewing their ISEE membership. The target demographic is a non-student member of ISEE in the first 15 years of their ISEE related career. This could be a recent graduate now working in the industry, a person entering the explosives industry from a different industry, a driller or blaster who wants to get involved with ISEE, and/or anyone who wants to be more involved in ISEE.

Why are we not targeting students?!?!?
The reason for not targeting students is they already have student chapters they need to be involved with. Encouraging students to be involved with the Emerging Professionals section could decline student chapter involvement. The Emerging Professionals section is the students’ next step after graduation for staying involved with the society. One area the society has lacked is involvement from newer full members and associate members. The Emerging Professionals section bridges the gap between student members and fully active members.

What are we up to??
Although the section is very new, we are very active. Some of the sections activities include:
• running the student industry connection at the annual conference,
• increasing new member involvement in local chapters,
• providing a social at the annual conference where all attendees can network, and
• providing exclusive career development opportunities.

Look out for the Emerging Professionals Social at the 2019 ISEE annual conference in Nashville. The social is open to all and bridges the gap between our experienced mentors and those of us just starting in the industry that will help keep our great society moving forward. All conference attendees are invited to come join the Emerging Professionals for some fun, networking, and the making of new memories at the annual conference on January 27th, 2019.

How can you help?
Every year the Emerging Professionals puts on two events at the international conference. One event is the Student Industry Connection and the other is the Emerging Professionals Social. For the Student Industry Connection we need volunteers. Have you ever wanted to help out students? The Student Industry Connection is your chance. The Emerging Professionals are looking for table hosts for the student industry connection. No presentation is require, just come ready for casual conversation with small groups of students about your career path. If you would like to help out, please contact Evan Thibaud at

The Emerging Professionals Social is a place for everyone to get together to network before the conference starts. Since we are inviting everyone, the expense of the social is large and we still haven’t reached our goal for the 2019 conference. The social is very important for engaging new members. The social allows them to meet people to make sure they get the full ISEE experience. Sponsorships are welcome for the Emerging Professionals Social. If you would like to be a sponsor of the emerging Professionals Social please contact John Rathbun at